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My name is Austin Torres and I live in the Bay area , CA.
I am a Digital Artist focusing on both 3D Characters, and Environment /prop modeling.

I have a strong work ethic, and I’m highly self-motivated with a logical can do attitude. I have been working constantly for 5 years in the digital art field with many Specialties involving
Environment, and prop modeling, texturing, and lighting skills (including efficient Uving, collisions) Experienced in creating current next-gen environments as well as stylized looks.

I’m comfortable in a variety of major software packages: Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop, Painter, and Topogun, 3d coat Headus, Crazy Bump, Crytek, Unity, UDK, and Marmoset, Etc.
Strong technical skills and ability to learn quickly

I have experience in Hard Surface, Organic 3D modeling, and texture creation, also I can create hand painted, and or photo-sourced texture maps, difference maps, displacement, bump, and full current gen cycle diffuse, normal, spec, gloss, shaders design, rendering/ Environments, Vehicles, Weapons, Props.

High Poly, and Low poly LP modeling, texturing, rigging and engine implementation.

I love working, and striving to learn new skill sets. I’m always learning something new every day. 

It’s what makes this fun, and exciting on a daily basis. After all what’s the point of working in any field if you don’t put your heart into it?


If you would like to speak with me in regards of any type of job opportunities  please leave me a message here Thank you.

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